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You Called Me to Life

In the light whisper of a moment an emergent raw energy unleashes, led by fluidity and momentum, calling us to enter into the unknown; beyond promise or surmise. Dashes of depth, carried by textured paint, guide an undistinguishable path through layers of memory and abstracted perception, while opening an intimate expression of the ineffable essence of existence.

Ma’ayan’s paintings live by such abstraction of plain life force; a surge we all perceive yet hardly know to express or give form. Her work hereby always remains close to the human element of a profound inner reckoning of our mortal experience, speaking of periods of mourning in “Zalman’s Suite”, or that of reconciliation with the unknown in “Night, Teacher of Faith” and “Between Worlds”.

Facing both confrontation and vulnerability in “Run!”, the viewer is called to leave behind the comforts of rational assessment and delve into the turbulent subconscious; tumbling, falling, unleashing our conditioning of self, even if only for a few transient moments.

A deeper sensory memory persists however, leading us beyond the disguise of the exterior into a place of plain presence, of peace.

What do you remember when you turn around? A holistic sensation of the infinitely multi-faceted human experience; paradoxically beyond our human form. The experience of love is what calls from beyond.

- Linda Sim Solay
installation artist, photographer, curator

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